SAR polarimetry (PolSAR)

I am interested in the understanding, analysis and exploitation of remote sensing technologies, missions and data for earth observation, including the combination with other science datasets, and their application in earth sciences, climate and human systems, at different temporal and spatial scales, to disentangle global environmental changes and trends in our uncertain world.

Multidimenisonal SAR

Understanding, characterization, processing and exploitation of SAR, Interferometric SAR, Polarimetric SAR, Polarimetric SAR Interferometric, Tomographic SAR data and multitemporal SAR data.

Speckle noise

Analysis of speckle noise effects on the extraction of qualitative and quantitative information from SAR data.

Data representation

Single-polarization and Polarimetric SAR image analysis based on transformed domains. My works have contributed to the use of the Wavelet Transform for SAR Interferometric data and the introduction of the Binary Partition Trees as efficient tool for the exploitation of multidimensional SAR data.

SAR data aplications

Ship and oil spill detection.

Exploitation of polarimetric diversity in Differential SAR Interferometry to improve the estimation of terrain subsidence.

SAR systems development

Design, analysis and exploitation of SAR sensors. I have participated in the design of ground based SAR sensors in monostatic and bistatic geometries and the exploitation of SAR sensors onboard UAV platforms and. I have contributed in the Spanish PAZ X-band and the ESA L-band SAOCOM-CS and ROSE-L missions.