UPC support to the Spanish PAZ/SEOSAR program

EADS CASA Espacio (ECE) was responsible for the development of the Space Segment of the Spanish PAZ mission. The satellite is based on the concept and technology previously developed in the German TerraSAR-X program. However, a new front-end including the antenna array of radiators and Tx/Rx modules is being defined by ECE. The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech UPC, gave support to the instrument performance analysis and to the algorithm implementation in the following fields:

  • Antenna modelling
  • Radiometric budget
  • Geometric budget
  • Analysis of the TOPS mode
  • Support to calibration and polarimetric calibration topics

Top image: PAZ system in the final integration process in Madrid (Spain).

Ionospheric path delay estimation with the modified SLM mapping function with simulated values 60 TECU, σ = 5 TECU.

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