Earth observation snow water equivalent

EOSWAN is a CDTI funded research project, in collaboration with the company Starlab, focused on the quantitative estimation of significant snow parameters, such as the snow cover map, snow density or the equivalent amount of water (SWE – Snow Water Equivalent), based on Earth observation data. Specifically, it focuses on the study of polarimetric C-band SAR data for the development of an inversion model for significant snow parameters. The novel nature of the project is on the quantitative estimation of snow parameters from C-band polarimetric SAR data from the Canadian sensor Radarsat-2 on the Catalonia Pyrenees.

Top image: Snow cover maps on the Pla de Beret area, in the Catalonia Pyrenees, on February 17th, 2011, based on 10 m spatial resolution Radarsat-2 C-band polarimetric SAR data (left) and 500 m spatial resolution MODIS data (right).

Sensitivity of the C-band polarimetric SAR parameters Entropy (H) and Alpha angle to different snow conditions -(d)ry, (w)et & (f)ree snow- over different land covers.
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